Renaissance or remorse, we will vanquish!*

The pan-African dream of Kwamé Nkrumah, laid out in 1963 at the Organization of Afrian Unity conference in Addis Adeba, resurfaced with acuity since the erasure of the generation of leaders of independence and the aggravation of the economic situation in Africa calling for an imperative and salutary removal by the conscious generations.

Africa’s renewal will be accomplished if, as Cheikh Anta Diop has said, we make the effort to go by ourselves to research our true history, and, according to Amadou Hampaté Ba, when we will be well-established in our culture.  Our vision is that the African economic boom passes by the valuation and the appeal of the informal in our socioeconomic models.  This inexorably happens by a deep revolution in the economic and strategic models used up until now.  The intended effects being the creation of a community market internal to Africa that would combine the needs of each region in priority before the exporting and importing implying other parts of the world.  This time of transition is necessary to the reinforcement of the continent’s exchanges before its return to global competition as a performant economic block.  This imposes, in fact, a change of attitude to return to our confidence of origins towards our future and the influence of our civilisation marked by ethnic diversity and the abundant resources that is conferred to us by pride and wealth.

Confidence is a wise mix of letting go and of courage.  Letting go through our natural propensity to maintain our privileged relationship with the unique God of origins.  Courage through the law that has always prevailed in the equilibrium of our manly souls, once degraded permissively for our spiritual purification at the decline of our first hegemonic reign over Earth.  This renewal cannot be sufficiently realized by the elites in power, as long as it appears that their personal interests are connected to those of the continent’s spoliators.  Responsibility lies in fact to the popular mass of youth condemned to a certain unemployment and the humiliating inactivity that is the source of poverty for the community.  They can be helped in this by the satellites constituting the living forces in exile by the creation of bridges aiming to multiply opportunities and outlets thanks to the proximity of interconnection between the members of the diaspora.  Entrepreneurial initiative at its peak in our contemporary world can efficiently accompany this youth through the following dynamic: the diaspora reinforces the capacities of this youth, twinning with them in performant informal businesses where the clientele is directed in priority towards the sub-regional and African market according to the specialities of each structure, in the margin of the market in cities found in developed countries.  This implies an education and an engagement to the internal consumption from the community on one part and a greater selection and use of investment levers on the part of sympathizers of the African economic boom.

The current resurgence of the renewal movement is therefore the inevitable continuation of a history where we have always been the actors and where the challenges legitimately belong to us.  It is up to us to show ourselves that we are worthy of facing them through our efforts and our re-found confidence, and especially through the exorcism of our fear of remorse and death.

* Inspired by the revolutionary formula of Thomas Sankara “The homeland or death, we will vanquish!”

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