We Human are acting as if we are the only one living on Earth and sharing the space and time of the plan net. We are consuming most of the unrenewable or fossil resource fighting and killing for them while the other humanoids and animals are adapting their way of life to the remaining Vital Force of the Universe within our Ecosystem. We should deeply consider reaching Consciousness of our inner Self to rebuild the Creation heritage in our lifetime and transmit this effort or endeavour to the next generations until we all see the effect of this Correction Spirit on a new race of inhabitants.
Thus, instead of competing for the supremacy of our civilization amongst the others we should learn how to share our material and living heritages without losing the ethnic ones. Africans are more omnireality driven and absorbing everyone culture but nowadays forgetting to keep their authenticity and spirituality in claiming to develop our socioeconomic Power (The ECO World). We are and have always been free, gifted and wealthy for all the time even while serving others but we need to recover this New Consciousness of Leadership and Responsibility and be aware of the challenge of this new Revolution and Reform era. We are the crown of the Creation and the repository of God knowledge: Natural believer as state of mind and mindset. God Almighty change the destiny of the people when each of its member change its inner Reality. “We have to change the within us in order to change the without them”. It has always been the Time to achieve ourselves from humanoids to Human to be a Servant capable of bearing the whole Universe one day. That’s Why: Each human is important to the eyes of God.

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