How hard is it to become an entrepreneur?

In the process of achieving a successful integration in a country as member of a diaspora, we set the main goal as becoming a full time entrepreneur and creating wealth and value while drawing on one’s pride for the challenge undertaken. So much emphasis has been placed on an individual’s assets that it might seem as though pride has been pushed aside. However, this human value is at the core of social cohesion, because it instills in each and every member of a community the desire to build a common civilization where there is no strong nation. There has always been a debate on whether the skills needed to be an entrepreneur can be taught or not. I think both sides of the debate are right in a way. Some individuals are entrepreneurs because it is innate to them (whether through intuition, independence, risk taking, etc). Others can benefit from their immediate environment, that can be brimming with examples of success stories, or can be immersed in an atmosphere where entrepreneurship is a family trait or a group reference. Others still choose this option as a last effort in order to push back against the limits of their environment or because there is a project that they hold very close to their hearts. The latter might ease into entrepreneurship slowly through trial and error or any other way of learning that helps them gain experience and knowledge of basic notions such as competitive advantage, working capital, marketing plans, market studies, or, in layman’s terms, the advantages, losses, and financial levers. If you are unfamiliar with some of these terms, you might need to brush up on them before starting. Your common sense might allow you to make the right decisions without knowing these terms, but it is important to have the same language and communication style as others in the business world (bankers, competitors, clients, accountants, etc). It might be necessary to spend some time on them. You will also benefit from more credibility.

The career of an entrepreneur is not limited to codes, what is most important it to know how to carry out profitable business operations that allow you to reach your goals for your business plan. These codes and notions are as necessary as knowledge of the industry and the resources available. The list of addresses and the network come in second place. What is most important is the intent to be an entrepreneur. This will give you the framework for you business plan. It allows you to face any hesitations and counter performances, to always land on your feet and, especially, to figure out strategies, tactics and operations that will allow you to develop your economic structure. The notion of intent is strongly tied to your attitude (interior disposition and behavior) that you will adopt; this will impact the efforts that are necessary to succeed. I recommend that you use natural efforts and a lean intention (using as little resources as possible). You can familiarize yourself with these notions by reading my work. For now, my wish is to invite you to question your own “definition,” what gives your life, and thus your business project, meaning. It is a form of maturity that is advised for anyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur. It is ok to have the wrong meaning, learning is a process which often involves trial and error. The worst thing you could do is to take the definition of someone else and use it to compare yourself and to then develop your strategy around this definition because you will think that you have the right to live what the other person is living. Every man is important and can have a project that is useful to the community, even if it’s not the larger human community. You must internalize your goals and become the “artist” (the simple urban vocabulary calls the contrary a “boa”) of your own project.

“Every business project has, at its core, one of more tools that are important for building the wealth of the human community through time. “

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