Black entrepreneur’s attitudes is the key to changes

The entrepreneurial world is known to positively impact the global economy but at the same time, it has also unearthed the challenges facing entrepreneurs from the black community in their efforts to contribute to the global economy. Immigrants from the south create businesses as a means of hastening their integration, overcoming employment barriers facing skilled immigrants as well as gaining financial independence.   How could we expect these investors to benefit from their investments and efforts?

To address some of the issues facing entrepreneurs in the black communities, we need to analyse some of the underlying causes. These include inability to access information, inability to access resources and lack of representation at decision making levels, among others. The trickier the situation is and the more they tend to blame the causes on the inherited past of the black population – being competitiveness, unacceptable levels of performance by black entrepreneurs and professionals.  The business world and the labour market are the main issues hindering the development of the black population.

When the migrated blacks come across financial resources, they often lack the realisation for open mindedness and adequate behaviour to request for the necessary counselling. This attitude ends up affecting the benefit of sustained growth of their businesses and the creation of wealth for themselves are negatively impacted. This behaviour makes it difficult to involve stakeholders in talks of financing black businesses since positive outcomes are difficult to guarantee. The corrective process is easy and requires no other investment than the willingness for change of attitude. The fear of acculturation did not prevent black economic migrants from embarking on their journeys. Though they have not been able to recover the lost cultures, they have to enrich their life experiences in the foreign country.

It is therefore clear that, attitudinal change is essential for the black population to remain key contributors to the global economy, using their creativity and other resources. Confining oneself only to the culture of consumption affects the business tradition inherited from a rich civilization, which is currently in revitalization process.

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