There is in the Quebecois Socioeconomic System a trick that is designed to downsize highly qualified Immigrant resources to the level of local lazy, credit speculative and wary minded workforce then park them in day to day jobs such as nursing, administrative assistant, handling position, teaching and telemarketing, invite them to settle in countryside or emigrate again so that their integration either become problematic or consist in paying bills due to the fact that their Spirit (Being and Life) is set to serving and getting Quebec Leader chips: crumbs from subsidize oriented and depending economy . We, allophone, need a real sovereignty from Francophone World by the independence of our willing to work for and our mobility within the English-Speaking Environment regions. Indeed, our own land, the one of Immigrants for socioeconomic reason is an infinite and moving ocean which shores, and waves are made of business opportunity and labor sharing. Hit the road, jack your Soul mate saying no more no more those slaveries.

The trick is in wealth and fame based cooptation and basic cowardness values

“Seasoned” greetings…

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